Steel Roof Inspection

About Project

The Flyability Elios 2 drone is designed for close, detailed inspection of internal and confined spaces. But it can also be used effectively in outdoor and semi-open spaces for any type of close inspection work, where manned access is difficult or hazardous for workers.

Here, the Elios 2 was used to inspect the panel joints on the underside of a steel framed glazed roof in Hong Kong. Because of its protective cage and all-round position sensors, the Elios 2 was able to fly safely up between the steel support latticework to get in close to the panel joints, allowing for close observation for water ingress, leakage and damage.

With adaptive on-board lighting, the drone was also able to illuminate darker areas in the corners for a better view. The Elios 2 is able to take images, and also record video in full 4K.

From this, the facade consultant was able to quickly compile a full and complete report of the structure’s condition for follow up action by the client.

Project Details
  • Categories:Structural Inspection, Survey Enhancement