Storm Water Culvert Inspection

The Elios 2 has proved invaluable for inspecting drainage and sewage infrastructure in Hong Kong. In the case of storm water drains and culverts, access is often extremely difficult and limited, with many culverts too narrow for manned inspection with the required breathing apparatus.

Remote, cable-tethered crawler devices have been used for some time, but these are slow and can easily get stuck. In addition, they cannot access many steep, sloped culverts, which are often stepped in nature.

Elios 2 has revolutionised underground drain and culvert inspection in Hong Kong, able to navigate through almost all types of conditions, and deliver high quality 4K video and images for immediate assessment and evaluation.

An added advantage with both Elios 2 and Elios 3 is data localisation. If a problem or a defect is found, we can capture it and mark its location in the culvert relative to our entry point. Inspectors now know where the defect lies in order to undertake the necessary repairs with minimum disruption.

  • Categories:3D Modelling, Structural Inspection